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BICS platform

BICS platform

The platform BICS (Bio-Informatics and Complex Systems) provides access to advanced computing equipment and the corresponding technological and scientific expertise for the development and provision of computer resources (software, databases, etc.). It represents a single point of entry for the services related to bioinformatics, data mining or the modeling and optimization of complex systems developed by ICube research teams. This set of services is applicable to all research areas, and more particularly in the life sciences.

The BICS platform is a partner of the bioinformatics platform in Strasbourg, BISTRO, with expertise, tools and bioinformatics resources, focused on scalable and functional analyzes in various fields Fields of application, including biomedical studies.

EASEA artificial evolution platform

EASEA platform

EASEA and EASEA-CLOUD are Free Open Source Software (under GNU Affero v3 General Public License) developed by the SONIC group. Through the Strasbourg Complex Systems Digital Campus, the platforms are shared with the UNESCO CS-DC UniTwin and E-laboratory on Complex Computational Ecosystems (ECCE).

EASEA (EAsy Specification of Evolutionary Algorithms) is an Artificial Evolution platform that allows scientists with only basic skills in computer science to implement evolutionary algorithms and to exploit the massive parallelism of many-core architectures in order to optimize virtually any real-world problems (continous, discrete, combinatorial, mixed and more (with Genetic Programming)), typically allowing for speedups up to x500 on a $3,000 machine, depending on the complexity of the evaluation function of the inverse problem to be solved.