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BIOGIM (Bioinformatics and Genomic Inferences for Medicine)

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BIOGIM (Bioinformatics_and_Genomic_Inferences_for_Medicine)

BIOGIM has a long experience in the analysis, annotation and search of biomedical data. In particular, in the field of rare genetic diseases, BIOGIM seeks to identify the associations between genotype and phenotype and to understand the patterns and trends in the data. Traditional methods, which have been successful in the study of simple systems, are limited when applied to complex dynamic systems, where the genetic heritage of each patient underlies a large number of variations that interact with each other to produce effects from the atomic level to the organism.

The questions we address today focus on how to identify critical points in a complex biological system and how to predict the impact of disturbances (mutations, drugs, for example) on the stability and behavior of the system. This requires a multi-scale and multi-modal theoretical modeling of the biological functions and their regulation that underlie the observed phenotypes, while taking into account their dynamic interactions with the environment.