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  • Now Professor at ITISB (Instituto de Tecnología para la Innovación en Salud y Bienestar) of Andrés Bello Universidad in Chile.
  • Full Professor in Computer Science in the Engineering, Computer Sciences and Imaging laboratory (UMR CNRS 7357) of the Strasbourg University from 2007 to 2023.
  • Promoted to Classe Exceptionnelle (Distinguished Professor) on 01/09/2016, last step on 01/09/2019.
  • Co-founder (with Olivier Poch and Julie Thompson) and co-head of the CSTB Complex Systems and Translational Bioinformatics team of ICUBE laboratory since 2016.
  • Co-founder (in 2016 with Philippe Turek, Jean-Marc Planeix and Eckhart Hoetzel, under the presidency of Alain Beretz) and operational manager of UFAZ Franco-Azerbaijani University .
  • Co-founder (in 2014, with Paul Bourgine, President and Prof. Cyrille Bertelle of Le Havre University) and co-coordinator of the CS-DC UNESCO UniTwin a network of around 150 Universities in the world that are developing teaching and science of Complex Systems in around 40 countries.
  • Head of the international E-laboratory on Complex Computational Ecosystems (ECCE).
  • Coordinator of the Strasbourg Complex Systems Digital Campus CS-DC.
  • Former head of the Departement of Computer Science of Strasbourg University from 2011 to 2015.
  • Head of the FDBT Fouille de Données et Bioinformatique Théorique then BFO Bioinformatique, Fouille de données et Optimisation research teams, of the LSIIT laboratory UMR 7005.
  • President of the French Evolution Artificielle society from 2003 to 2007.
  • Erdös number: 3 thanks to the co-edition of LNCS volume 3871 with the late Pierre Liardet, a great mathematician and a great person.

Quick bio

Pierre Collet, now Professor at ITISB, UNAB, was previously a distinguished Professor in Computer Science at Strasbourg University (France). After his PhD thesis in Computer Aided Surgery obtained in 1994 from Paris-Sud Orsay, he did post-docs at INRIA until 2000, when he was hired as a researcher at French école Polytechnique in the EEAAX team of CMAPX. In 2003, he became an Associate Professor at ULCO University and was President of the French Association for Artificial Evolution until 2008. In 2007, he became a Full Professor at Strasbourg University where he was head of the FDBT and then BFO research teams until 2011, when he was the head of the Department of Computer Science of Strasbourg University until 2015. In 2016, he co-created (with Olivier Poch and Julie Thompson) the new CSTB (Complex Systems and Translational Bioinformatics) research team of the ICUBE UNISTRA laboratory. In 2014, he co-created the Complex Systems Digital Campus UNESCO UniTwin, a large network of around 150 universities worldwide, that are developing research and education on Complex Systems. In 2016, he co-created the new UFAZ Franco-Azerbaijani University. Pierre Collet has published around 200 refereed conference and journal papers. He specializes in Complex Systems, Artificial Intelligence, massively parallel artificial evolution, emergent e-education, epistemology and philosophy.

Conferences, workshop and journals organisation

Research interests

Publications within LSIIT since September 2007


Current Projects

CIFRE PhD of the Lyon I University, and the Université de Strasbourg.
Starting on: Octobre 2007.
Ph-D Student: Olivier Kuhn
Involved laboratories:
* LIRIS (UMR 5205-CNRS), Université C.B. Lyon I,
* LSIIT (UMR 7005-CNRS), Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg.
PhD supervisors:
* Pr. Parisa Ghodous, LIRIS,
* Pr. Pierre Collet, LSIIT.
Industrial partners: Prostep France et Prostep Allemagne.

Former Projects

  • Member of the British (EP/D066174/1) EPSRC project on the emergence of computation in cellular automata, with Andy Adamatzki and Emmanuel Sapin (post-doc), from Oct 2006 to Oct 2007.
  • Scientific director of the French ANR-RNTS project HEVEA (Handicap : EValuation de l'Ecologie Auditive) on the optimisation of cochlear implants fitting, in collaboration with:
    • Service ORL du CHU Avicenne (Bobigny), Pr. Frachet,
    • Centre de Ressources Technologiques INNOTECH (Bobigny).


  • Head of the CCI Master's Degree of the Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale from 2003 to 2006.
  • Courses on:
    • Artificial Intelligence,
    • Artificial Evolution,
    • Genetic Programming,
    • operating sytems and computer architecture,
    • algorithmics,
    • programming langages (C, C++, Java).

Projects or internships for 2007 / 2008

  • Projects:

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    I have the C337 office in the Pôle API building.


    Prof. Pierre Collet
    LSIIT - UMR7005
    Pôle API
    Bd Sébastien Brant - BP 10413
    67412 Illkirch cedex
    Tel : +33 (0)3 
    Fax : +33 (0)3 
    E-mail : Pierre.Collet @ Lsiit.U-Strasbg.Fr