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Luc Moulinier

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• Research engineer CNRS, at ICube, UMR CNRS 7357.


My main activity is focused on the development of the ORDALIE software (Ordered Alignment Expert Information) dedicated to the analysis and exploitation, in real time, of the evolutionary and structural information in a multiple alignment of complete sequences. In this context, I am also working on a benchmark dedicated to the automated analysis and exploitation of sequence and structure data. I am also involved in the adaptation of the SM2PH database to create a knowledge base (SM2PH-KB for Knowledge Base) and the extension of this new base to new data types.

Other activities

  • Development of software and databases
  • Maintenance of software and databases
  • Development of strategies for the analysis and exploration of functional genomics data
  • Treatment of high-throughput data, including sequence and structure data in a context of complete genomes
  • Science and Technology Watch for the Tcl/Tk programming language and structural analysis software
  • Dissemination and exploitation of results through publications and conferences and training.


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Organisation of conferences

  • Organising committee member, 13th European Conference Computational Biology (ECCB’14), Strasbourg 7-10/09/2014.


Dr. Luc Moulinier
ICube, UMR CNRS 7357
Faculté de Médecine
Bât. 3 5e étage,
11 rue Humann
F-67000 Strasbourg

Mailing address: Faculté de Médecine, ICube, UMR 7357, LBGI - 4, rue Kirschleger - F-67085 Strasbourg cedex

Email : luc.moulinier@unistra.fr